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Weddings Around the World

Some great ideas for your wedding abroad.

For many people there is nothing more perfect than the idea of having their weddings around the world, it’s not just religious buildings that host wedding ceremonies nowadays, you could be married at the location of your dreams from a stunning white beach front to an awe inspiring cliff top wedding, from a Las Vegas extravaganza to a moonlight ceremony in an ice hotel.

There is a whole world of locations available to the modern day bride and groom, weddings are such big business that you can get married almost anywhere you can imagine and of course afford.

Weddings Around the World Registration

If you are planning to get married abroad you should make sure you contact the local authorities in the area where you are planning to hold your wedding to find out what you need to do before making your plans, your civil partnership or wedding should be recognised in UK law as long as you follow the processes demanded by local law in the country where you are getting married.

You may be asked to provide certain documentation or abide by local customs, be sure to properly do your research carefully before planning any weddings around the world. Just like in the UK, every country has its own documentation requirements for getting married in that country, if you need help and advice on what documentation you are likely to need you could contact the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) or you could go directly to relevant country’s embassy in the UK but make sure you get this done well ahead of time as it can take some time to receive such documents.

In most cases your wedding will be recognised as legally valid in the UK if it was legally valid in the place where it took place and the couple would legally be able to marry in the UK, if there is any doubt in your mind then consult with a solicitor to ensure you know where you stand before making solid plans. Another thing which is worth considering is that by marrying abroad you will not receive a British marriage certificate, you will receive one from the country in which you marry and you cannot swap it for a UK certificate. You can still put your documentation in the General Records Office which will enable you to get copies in the future if needed. There is no legal need to have a UK licence and you may think having a certificate from the country where you were wed as a beautiful keepsake.

Church Weddings Around the World

Not all countries recognise church weddings legally although many do, any couple getting married in churches around the world will need to comply with the civil requirements if the marriage is to be accepted as legally valid in both countries, i.e. if you don’t comply with the legal requirements in the country where the ceremony is taking place then it will not be recognised in the UK.

Some countries require medical examinations or blood tests before being the marriage is permitted and if you have been married previously it is worth knowing that many countries have rules in this regard specifically as to how much time must have passed elapsed since the divorce.