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Wedding Fashion

Get the latest fashions for your wedding

As with all fashions, wedding styles and fashions also change, always evolving here at on your wedding day we help you stay on top with the latest fashions ensuring your dresses, suits and outfits are fashionable.

Simple, modern, romantic & vintage - wonderfully diverse wedding fashion

Simple, transparent and authentic wedding dresses with vintage charm. Inspired us the bohemian look of the hippy era, color and style of the 50s and the elegance of the roaring twenties. Our collection embodies a modern style, which we would rather call it "Bride outfit" as wedding dress - there are permeable, new combinations with an urban touch for self-confident and open-minded brides. We love innovative materials, unusual silhouettes and the diversity of both - that makes wedding fashion so varied.

Apart from fine lace and fine silk, which are wonderfully suited for moving, lightweight dresses, we are always looking for unusual materials, such as knitted optics and stretch fabrics. With wedding dresses that are designed deliberately reduced, so that the bride can bring their own style with by an individual accessory choice. Whether the civil registry, church or beach wedding - with us you will find the wedding dress that accompany you on your most special day and I want to be your favorite piece. Sensing 'you kissed by us!

Wedding - the most beautiful collections
Most women have strong feelings about how the wedding day should be designed and how the wedding dress should look like.

If you do not yet know exactly what kind of wedding dress you want to wear on your big day, take a look around on your wedding day. We provide various styles and designs of dresses cuts, makes and models, give you tips for choosing the wedding dress and the right accessories to make you feel on your big day all around.

Wedding designers and brands
The wedding dress designers and bridal fashion brands listed at on your wedding day includes some of the biggest names in the world of wedding fashion.

The selection of our Bridal collections ranges from about Pronovias Rembo Styling to Atielier Aimée and Marylise. We can help you find the perfect dress for you.

With designer wedding dresses the bride can feel very glamorous on her big day! Gorgeous-known designers and smaller labels show that bridal fashion is completely changeable and unique!

You wish for a designer wedding dress?

At on your wedding day we can help you find a dream wedding gown. Whoever begins to rummage for his dream dress will quickly many designers find that offer stunning bridal wear. Often crystallized quickly a favorite designer out after its wedding dresses. There are an infinite variety of designer wedding dresses to discover! In the almost infinite supply of course it is good to know some designers already - but you should not close our eyes to other, equally stunning designer wedding dresses!

More than 120 labels offer beautiful dream dresses

There are countless bridal shops throughout the UK, most have these exclusive contracts with major designers and offer a certain range of labels. However, even a well-equipped bridal shop can not offer such a large variety of wedding dresses that are available online, you discover both known and new and fresh labels that want to conquer the world of wedding fashion with their stunning designer wedding dresses the women's hearts! If you already have a favorite designer, nevertheless should keep their eyes open. Constantly appear new labels in appearance and show that there may be a change in the world of bridal fashion again.

Designer wedding dresses for every budget
Often we associate designer wedding dresses immediately with expensive luxury that can not afford any. The wide range of designer wedding dresses, however, shows that there are for every budget to discover something. Different designers offer their bridal wear also in various price categories. So maybe you'll find your absolute dream dress. Many fashion labels, for example, put great emphasis on quality fabrics and fair production conditions and good quality handicrafts.

Used designer wedding dresses are particularly favorable, if you are a small budget have available and you still want a beautiful wedding dress designers, thrift bridal fashion is the solution for you! Countless used wedding dresses are just waiting to be discovered. Since bridal fashion from renowned designers often far cost more than 1,000 pounds the low price of a used wedding dress is almost unbeatable: Mostly you get the second hand bridal wear for half the original price.