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Wedding Rings, Gifts & Jewellery for men and women

Wedding RingsWedding rings or bands have been traditionally worn for centuries across all religions and cultures. The first rings were believed to be found in Egypt and made of hemp or reeds. The Egyptians believed the circle was a symbol of eternity so the ring signifies the everlasting love between two people.

The tradition of both women and men wearing wedding rings is a fairly recent innovation introduced first in the United States by the American Jewellery industry during the late 19th century. The campaign was launched to drive sales and promote the wearing of engagement rings for men but the campaign flopped and never took off. Marketing lessons of the 1920s, changing economic times, and the impact of World War 2 led to a more successful marketing campaign. By the 1940’s double-ring ceremonies were more and more popular and made up 80% of all weddings held.

Today rings are commonly worn by both men and women and are usually made from gold or other precious metals that range from silver and gold through platinum all the way to titanium. They are exchanged at the wedding ceremony as a symbol of never ending love and a sign to the world of their marriage and commitment to each other.

It is custom for couples to shop for their wedding rings together and choose a metal or style they are both comfortable with. There are endless options for styles, metals and places to purchase your rings. Many people choose a plain band or simple style as its easier to wear and often men and women can match their rings. A lot of brides- to-be choose a ring to match their engagement ring or often have it made specially to fit around it.  Having rings made bespoke or to order is very popular and beautiful way to make your special day unique to you.

The choosing of your rings should be a special and exciting time for you both. Its a good idea to discuss budget before you make a decision and go out and buy. It’s also important to make sure you find out what size and shape best suits your finger, you don’t want to have to have rings made re-sized if they don’t fit well as you will be wearing it always and forever. It is wise to get insurance too as rings can be expensive but also of great sentimental value.