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Groom Suits

Ensure the groom is stylish with a smart suit forthe big day.

Groom Suits Traditionally It is up to the groom to sort out his groom swear with the help from the best man, ushers and father. Grooms wear is available in all different fabrics, colours and styles and usually complements the bridesmaids and bridal party. Groom swear specialists can advise you on what suits type will appropriately match your wedding day, and how to match everyone up in your wedding party.

Grooms wear needs to be arranged about 6-9 months before your wedding date in order to ensure that there is enough time to get everyone in your wedding party fitted, and of course to secure availability with the shop as most grooms wear is hired from a specialist shop.

As the wedding industry booms there are more and more diverse and usual demands for wedding attire. Traditional grooms wear is still very popular but as weddings can now take place in many different types of venue there is a call for more relaxed and comfortable wedding suits.

The right suit is just as important as the Brides dress being comfortable in your suit decision is essential as you will be wearing it all day, you also will be having lots of photographs so you want to make sure all members of the grooms party fit well in the suits you have chosen.

The Classic 3 piece suit
The three piece suit is a smart choice and can be adapted for your own style. It is a timeless outfit that can adapt to any venue type and style, from grey and navy three piece wedding suits, right through to bold colours for those with a contemporary theme. The beauty of a well-fitting three piece is that it still looks smart even when you take the jacket of and dance the night away with your new wife. Choosing your suit can be quite a hard task it is important to take into consideration the small details such as lining, and buttons while most importantly sticking to a budget. A tailored fit is a safe bet and will mostly suit all builds and height. but high-street brands can also offer great wedding wear and are available for all budgets.

Some of the latest trends in grooms men suits are:

James Bond

- This is a very popular look and very classic – with full tux, shiny black dickey bow and polished shoes, this style really is a show stopper and if you really want to stand out dress your grooms men slightly differently or in a lighter shade to really make your suit have impact, you don’t have to have everyone looking so formal.

English Country Garden

- This has been a very popular look for the past few years. It’s a really takes inspiration from English prep school look that embraces the geek/chic style. Forget the suit and swap for a blazer and colour contrast slacks. A knitted or heavily textured tie or dickey bow and finishes this look and classic pair of brown or ox-blood brogues.

Rustic Chic

- This is another popular look, its casual and all about the tweed.

Tweed has definitely been revived in a big way for this chic, country look. Rustic loosely woven fabrics and floral shirts tie this look together teamed with knitted ties and most of all re-enforced fabric elbow patches. Of course the most important of all the accessories – braces are back big time and finish the look off perfectly.

Quirky Smart- This classic, smart but quirky look is both highly accessible and highly adaptable. This tailored look is easily tweaked and changed for a unique and individual style.

This look is all about the 3 piece suit and then whatever you decide to add or take away. Its all about the accessories. A trilby hat or pocket watch is very formal but teamed with a open shirt and scarf becomes more relaxed and yet still very sharp.

This look can be achieved on all budgets too. A poker dot tie and stripy handkerchief combo brings a plain suit a real quirk feel and doesn’t cost a fortune.