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Wedding Stationery

Are you looking for wedding stationery? Get inspiration with personalised wedding stationery

Wedding Stationery

Sending out beautiful stationary such as save the day cards and personalised invitations can really help put the finishing touches on your wedding day as well as help to grow excitement for the day in the preceding weeks and months, they can add elegance to the event as a whole by matching the styles and colours to the theme of your wedding.

Whatever the style or theme of wedding you decide to go with you can get you themed wedding stationary to match. If you are looking for inspiration there are some great examples out there to get ideas from.

For example if you were getting married at a castle then you could send out scroll invitations sealed with a wax seal, it is possible to have wax seals customised to carry your family crest or an image of your choice to add a great finishing touch. You could take the theme as far as you want to, table plans and place cards could be made carrying the crests of the guest or a table crest you have designed with the guests at the table in mind.

If your wedding is following a rustic theme then there are many possibilities to choose from, you could wrap your invites up with string to add a rustic feel, some people use wooden ties or toggles and sometimes hessian is used as a ribbon, wrap or even as an envelope.

Many more people are choosing to get married abroad and if you decide to go this route you could plan the stationary around this theme, why not put your invitations on a postcard or if you are getting married on a beach, a message in a bottle could be a great touch.

Whatever the theme you choose you can find or have bespoke stationary made for you, match you stationary to your traditional wedding colour themes such as rich blues and purples with gold or silver. Or if your wedding has a light, summery feel to it then perhaps some light pastels would be better suited. If you have favourite flowers which feature heavily in the ceremony then you could have these printed on your stationary, the wedding stationary possibilities re totally endless.

When one of your guests first receives their invite, remember this is the first glance of your wedding they will have, they will make assumptions and pre-conceptions based on the piece of stationary they get in the post, make sure you make the best impression possible by sending something classy that reflects what you hope your day will be.

Weddings on the whole are a pretty expensive day and stationary is no different, and even though it does put the finishing touches on the wedding you may feel like it is an expense which you would like to do without or at least bring the cost down somewhat. It is possible to go with cheaper options and still get a good effect, if you are prepared to do some of the work yourself then you can save costs, particularly on the finishing touches such as bows, ribbons, envelopes etc, you may have your own high quality colour printer or design skill which you can put to good use. There are even online companies now who offer cheap printing and wedding stationary, be wary however as if you aren’t happy with the quality of your stationary once it has arrived there is often not much you can do about it especially given the time frames you are most likely dealing with.