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Engagement Rings

Looking for a ring for your proposal.

Engagement Rings Although there are many thoroughly modern ladies out there, tradition dictates that it`s the man`s job to get down on one knee and pop the question. It can be a stressful time for a man, we`ve all seen the horror videos of a man putting his heart on the line to make the most romantic proposal possible but is then left broken hearted and embarrassed as the object of their affection gives a negative response in front of everybody in attendance. If the man or lady has decided to make the plunge, has arranged the perfect moment and is sure the object of their affection feels as strongly as they do then you will need to get out there and purchase the right engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Metals
In many cases the engagement ring is more extravagant than the wedding ring, and as is the modern way there are a plethora of different metal types to choose from when considering the make-up of your ring:- Yellow gold has set the standard for years but though classic and beautiful is often considered old fashioned and contemporary couples more often than not decide to go for a different metal for the base of the ring.

With scientific knowledge of metals becoming ever broader it is more and more common to combine yellow gold with other metal allows both to increase strength and to get a different aesthetic effect, the result is jewellery available with a range for different colour gold hues, one of the more popular options is white gold, this may be the most commonly seen metal in engagement rings right now as it gives a unique effect but at a lesser cost than other premium metals such as palladium and platinum. Another really popular option is rose gold, a more pink tinted metal created by the inclusion of more copper alloy in the mix, rose gold is said to represent love and suits many different skin tones.

Platinum is a rare white metal which is known to be both dense and strong with a purity level usually around 95%, it`s density makes it extremely durable so there is no chance of your stone coming loose. This metal is also hard wearing and naturally hypoallergenic so no worries if you have sensitive skin. Palladium is similar in many ways to Platinum but is darker due to its lower density which also makes it a more expensive option.

Titanium is a great metal, its natural state is a grey finish but is can be polished black, this metal is strong as steel but as light as aluminium and makes an ideal band for men or women who work with their hands.

If you are environment conscious then you may prefer to have your engagement ring made from recyclable materials, you could combine recycled metal with conflict free stones for the total eco-friendly option.

Diamonds are a Girl`s Best Friend
When it comes to stones there is a wide range to choose from for your ring, the most classic and still the most popular is diamonds, they say that diamonds are girl’s best friend and that trend shows no signs of slowing down, one of the most valuable materials known to man, a sparkly diamond is a sure fire way to impress your fiancé.

Diamonds are not to everyone’s taste however and many brides have a proffered gemstone, perhaps to match the complexion of their skin or perhaps a birthstone. You may have your own stones which you would like to have specially made into a bespoke ring to give your partner a more personal touch.

If you are looking for advice on an engagement ring then why not get in touch and we can point you in the right direction of the ring of your dreams.