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Wedding Menu Ideas

Hints, Tips and Ideas for you Wedding Day Nourishment

Wedding Menu IdeasFood and drinks at the wedding celebration are among the most important parts of a wedding especially for the guests, a beautiful spread can really put the finishing touches on a great day whereas an uninspiring, poorly planned meal can dampen an otherwise brilliant day.

The dinner is a great way to celebrate the day and the relationship between bride and groom, fit the meal to your style or match to the style of the wedding. In this article we hope to give you some ideas for your wedding breakfast, wedding cake and other tasty treats.

Wedding Drinks Ideas

Champagne is the traditional drink to be served at weddings and it is still a huge favourite in modern weddings but other drinks are making a big hit in the UK wedding scene when it comes to both reception and toasting drinks. If you are having a summer wedding then why not swap champagne for Pimms for your reception drink? It is more thirst quenching and refreshing than champagne and is a much cheaper option.

As a toasting drink to be served during the meal and for speeches Prosecco is becoming hugely popular, perhaps even more prevalent than champagne in 2015 as many people genuinely prefer the taste and those organising a wedding with its budget restraints will prefer the price. Drop a fresh strawberry into champagne or prosecco for a beautiful finishing touch.

Wedding menu - Tips and Ideas for a Wedding Menu

The wedding breakfast is the culinary highlight of a wedding and therefore wants to be well thought out. Basically, you should be in agreement about the possible variation of the wedding meal in advance. You can use the known variants of wedding menu, fancy menus and buffets at free choice.

Think carefully about which kind of menu to have with your meal, many couples send out menu choices with their wedding invitations which kills two birds with one stone and saves you chasing for replies twice, some couples don’t want the extra hassle and have a set menu, make sure if you decide to do this that you cater for any vegetarians on the guest list.
Some couples that are perhaps marrying in a less traditional setting opt for more relaxed meal types like a buffet which caters for everyone with less hassle and formality, some have a fish and chip vans which are great at beach or seaside weddings. Another great idea for summer weddings, especially outdoor ceremonies is a bbq, they are less formal but can give a real relaxed, summery atmosphere to a celebration.

Some other options which are growing in popularity are picnic wedding meals and for a different sit down option how about tapas, either Spanish traditional or modern tapas with from non-Spanish countries.

All of these options offer advantages and disadvantages, traditional meals are such because they keep everyone together and sitting at the right times for toasts and speeches whereas a buffet, barbeque or hog roast wedding breakfasts have people moving around to collect food at different times, though it appears to be a relaxed atmosphere more organisation will need to take place to get people where they need to be when you need them there, but hey this is what ushers are for. Think about what kind of feel you want for your meal and where it is taking place and make the decision from there.

Wedding Cakes and Favours

Wedding favours are a little gift left at the table for guests and can be anything not just food, toys and puzzles are popular as they give the guest something to play with or talk about during the meal. An option that we like with regards to wedding favours is a small cupcake or sugar almonds, this allows the guest to have something to snack on if they are between meals or didn’t have enough canapes, you don’t want your guests to be hungry with all the alcohol going round.

Wedding cakes are big business and the cutting of the cake is a focal point of the day so it is nice to have something impressive and more importantly one that represents the couple and/or the day. If you are getting married in a castle, why not ask a skilled cake maker to create you something special with a cake inspired by the castle?

Wedding Canapes

A Wedding canape is a little snack or mouthful usually served after the ceremony as a little treat or to tide guests over until the wedding breakfast.
Some traditional options for canapes are quail eggs, vol-au-vents spring rolls and prawn toast, they are usually savoury items, small but tasty.
Some more modern ideas have appeared over the last few years instead of canapes such like pick and mix sweets, ice cream, cheese boards in fact anything you want is generally accepted with people more inclined to have more of a bespoke day.