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Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles Looking their best is without doubt one of the most important part of a bride`s wedding day, it takes weeks of planning and hours of getting ready in the morning of the wedding day itself to get the desired effect and your wedding hairstyle may be the most important part of the look.

Hairstyling for weddings is big business and there are many professional hairdressers who work exclusively on weddings, traveling the country meeting bridal parties at the venue on the morning of the wedding as many brides now prefer this method as it saves time and hassle.

Before you decide on a final hairstyle for your wedding you should experiment with a few different styles but be careful not to many too drastic a change that cannot be unaltered by the big day like having your hair cut off or changing the colour too dramatically. You could spend time having a look at pictures and create a mood board to take to your hairdresser and discuss ideas and a trial session. Start to give thought to your hair in advance to give yourself plenty of time to try different things and make decisions then you just have to work on the finishing touches like flowers, diamantes or even a tiara.

Your choice of dress should be part of the decision making process, are you wearing sleeves? What kind of neckline will you be wearing? Are you going for the vintage look? Each trend looks great with a particular style of hair, do some research on which type of appearance suits your personal fashion sense and tailor your hair to match.

Many modern brides choose to let their hair grow long for the day of their wedding so they can put their hair up or have a beautiful trail of hair but if you don’t have long hair there is no need to worry, cropped hair is right in fashion in fashion at the moment and there are plenty of accessories to finish of the look.

If you want to have long hair whilst getting married but don`t have time to grow your hair out or perhaps you have fine hair, why not use extensions? They are a great way to try out a new look and they really help increase volume for a big bridal hairdo.

One recent bridal hair fashion trend is flowers, many brides are intertwining floristry into their hairstyles to match the bridal bouquet or the general wedding theme and recent years have seen the fashion go from shabby to chic, what used to be seen mainly at rustic weddings has now become more mainstream and even well-known celebrities have been getting in on the act.

Another popular hairstyle for weddings is the mermaid waves style, creating these soft flowing curls may not be as easy as it looks but can give a great natural looking effect. To get the best look from this style you should grow your hair to be at least shoulder length.

If you are looking for a local wedding hairdressing expert then contact us today and we can put you in touch with the best stylists in your area or in the area where your ceremony is being held.