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This year`s top wedding bouquet fashions

Wedding Flowers If you are getting married next year then it likely that you have your venue in place and you will be planning the aesthetic side of the day such as colour schemes, décor and venue flowers as well as your personal accessories such a jewellery and the centrepiece, your bridal bouquet.

We will be taking a look at some of the latest trends and fashions for the bride’s bouquet and hopefully give you a few ideas to think about.

Natural FlowersGo Natural

The Natural Look has been a prevalent style over recent years and the demand for the just picked look is set to continue with vintage themed weddings still en vogue this summer. The trend is moving towards loose bouquets styles with a flowing, trailing feel rather than traditional tightly packed design.

This beautiful cascading bouquet with apple and cherry blossom is one such example and make the perfect bouquet for an outdoor summer wedding,

Use More FoliageFoliage Flowers

More and more brides are adding more foliage to their original designs and not just the standard Leather leaf or Eucalyptus either, with the internet as their ally many are searching out more interesting types of foliage to add more than just a bit of green to the bouquet, in fact more and more bouquets see the use of foliage usurping flowers to become the main body of the set.

This theme can then be rolled out throughout the whole day with seat covers, venue decoration, button holes and even the brides tiara could be foliage based for an original look to your special day.

If your theme has deep blue or purples then Agonis After Dark offers a rich colour and if you are looking for silvers or greys then take a look at Acacia, Knifeblade, perfect for a winter wonderland wedding.


Large FlowersThink Big

Maybe it`s is something to do with celebrity culture or that many people just have bigger budgets than they used to but whatever the reason bouquets are becoming decidedly bigger, this year it seems bigger is better as far as bouquets are concerned.

If you really want to make a statement with your bouquet then super-size your ideas with lots of seasonal blooms and lots of foliage and your guests will be talking about your bouquet for years to come. Use large flowers throughout your venue to match the theme.

Solid ColourCream Flowers

Another big trend for next year’s brides will be single colour bouquets to match the colour scheme of the day. This style gives the individual flower a chance to shine and is a perfect type of arrangement for classic Rose or a Ranunculus bouquet. Matching the flower around your venue and in your button holes and corsages makes for a beautiful effect.

Whether you prefer a sea of blue, blanket white or pretty in pink the single colour bouquet will really help set the tone for your day.




Proteus FlowersTry Something a Bit Different

There has been a lot of talk lately about a new plant which is starting to find its way in to British bridal bouquets having made its way through Europe from the Southern Hemisphere. Proteus are the national flower of South Africa and are a huge bloom which can also vary in colour from bright pinks, white and coral to darker shades of purple to make a great effect.

These stunning plants have long been used for weddings in South Africa, Australia, and the rest of the southern hemisphere but the rest of us have now started to catch on and they are likely to be big in the UK this year.



Wedding flowers have long been a traditional decoration at weddings. The tradition of the bride carrying a bouquet of flowers has a slightly blurred history. In ancient times the world was a much more dirty and smell place to be living and washing and cleaning would have been very infrequent. It was thought the brides would carry a pungent bouquet to mask the smell of body odor. Brides were thought to be very lucky on their wedding day and so the tradition of throwing the bouquet was introduced so the next girl could catch the luck when the bouquet was tossed over the brides shoulder.

Wedding Flower History
Another old and popular reason for the brides carrying a bouquet was to warn off evil spirits and encourage good spirits. Certain flowers and pungent herbs were put into the bouquet to symbolize different meanings e.g Roses represent everlasting love, lilac is for first love, Stephanotis is good luck, ivy says fidelity.

These days Wedding flowers are a beautiful way to decorate your wedding ceremony and reception. As with the rest of your wedding details the wedding flowers and colours that you decide to choose will be key and play a big role in your day.

Coordinate your Flowers to the Theme
Choosing your florist is key in having your day looking the way you intend and imagine. It is a good idea to use a well trained and experienced florist who can design and advise you on the best flower options for your day. Flowers are seasonal so it is best to seek your florist advice on the flowers that are available for the time of year you are planning your wedding. Also, you will probably want your bridesmaid’s dresses and groom attire to have some sort of coordination with the colour of your wedding flowers, so choosing a colour scheme for your wedding day before you visit a florist is advisable.

Choose a Bouquet you can Carry
When choosing your style and your bouquet is prudent to go for something you will be comfortable holding, also the size of your bouquet needs to be suitable for your dress style and your bridesmaids. You don’t want your bouquet to be too big or too small. You can use the same flowers and colour scheme to follow through and decorate your reception tables, buffet tables and wherever you want to add a splash of colour.

There are many different styles and shapes to choose for your bouquet. These are a few of the most popular designs:-

Cascade - A cascading bouquet shape, with long-stemmed flowers trailing down from the main bouquet.

Pomanda - shaped completely round and worn by a ribbon on the wrist.

Nosegay- A round shaped and roughly a foot in diameter.

Hand-tied bouquet - Consisting of long-stemmed flowers, often wild flowers, tied in a loose bunch Corsage -A small bunch of flowers attached to the dress or wrist.

Whatever style you intend to have will express your personality and create a real talking point and focus for your guests.