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Luxury car hire for your wedding day

Wedding Cars Every couple wants their wedding day to be perfect, it`s a day when we like to treat ourselves to that little bit of extra luxury and arriving in style to the big day is a major part in that, but what’s stylish to me may not be your cup of tea so here’s a little guide to help you choose what`s best for you. Hiring a wedding car for your special day allows you to indulge a little and takes the hassle out of finding someone to drive and somewhere to park.

Choose the Right Hire Company

Hiring a wedding cars will allow your bridal party to travel in comfort to and from the venue, make a grand entrance making you feel special and will look great in the wedding photos. A professional wedding car hire company is probably the best way to go as they will offer the full service befitting of the beautiful bride, the package from such a company will usually have a uniformed chauffer with his own umbrella in case of bad weather and the company will have their own insurance though it is worth checking. Smaller, one man band companies will not always offer the same level of service and may not be as reliable as highly experienced operators.

Think Style and Practicality

There is no fast and hard rule as to what kind of vehicle you should use, wedding hire cars come in a large range of colours of styles, though vintage white classic cars are probably the most popular you can have anything from a Limo to a Hummer, a Ferrari to a mini whatever your preference might be. But practicality as well as style should always be a consideration and you need to make sure the passengers as well as the dress can comfortably fit into the car you are hiring and of course can comfortable get out too.

Make Sure You Know Where You Stand

Once you have made your choice it is worth making an appointment before committing yourselves to see the car to ensure it is as advertised, is clean and smart looking and that you will fit in the back in your dress. But make sure you make the arrangements early as good car hire companies can be booked up for months in advance especially over the busy wedding period.

If you are looking for the right car for your big day then there are a few things you should be sure to ask before making a commitment, like what arrangement do the company make in the event of a breakdown? How long do you get to have the cars for in total on the day in case the ceremony runs late etc? Will the car remain at the venue while the ceremony takes place? Will they vehicles be available for photographs? Are there any potential extra costs? Can the car be decorated and will the company provide the décor?

If you would like us to put you in touch with one of our partner companies from your local area who have a proven track record and great reviews from our customers then fill in one of our contact forms and we will put you in touch.