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Wedding Cakes

Get A Dream Wedding Cake

For your most important day, with one of our producers you can create your wedding cake order online - as the crowning of your most beautiful day - whether for 10 or 500 guests, whether traditional styled wedding cake or a more modern design, we can help you achieve a wedding cake of that you are dreaming off, we will design your dream cake together with you.

We will gladly advise you on the subject of wedding cake - size, number of floors, number of pieces, flavors and design. Take advantage of our experience in providing wedding cakes to order.

In addition to adult wedding cakes we can offer designed cupcakes, macaroons and mini wedding cakes also fit your needs.

No standard products, each cake a very personal work of art.

The taste of your dream cake you choose from our cake fillings, freshly prepared from the finest ingredients. One more thing - the majority of our wedding cakes is suitable for cake delivery.

The wedding cakes for eye, palate and wallet
Here you can find an extraordinary blend of visual cake art. Multi-storey wedding cakes, which can be delivered by our unique packaging easily and in time for your wedding from wedding cake companies local to you. Multi-storey wedding cakes offered include classic wedding cakes, which will be a unique highlight visually. For wedding guests, we have a great gift idea on offer: the Grooms Cakes. The old American tradition of a groom cake, we have taken up and implemented. Especially recommended are our cakes in the design of a tuxedo. Finally, we have some beautiful cakes for wedding anniversaries. Especially popular in this area is the Wedding Cake photo.

The most beautiful day in the life of bride and groom: the wedding cake. A creamy, multi-storey cake dream of delicious taste and an enchanting decoration. You will find many individual, simple and sophisticated wedding cakes recipes for home baking here with on your wedding day. Let the great selection of recipes for wedding cake, like the delicious "Terrace cake with marzipan bows" or individual "Wedding Cake Butterfly Dreams", inspired and surprise the happy enamored with your hand baked wedding cake.

... Look before you choice your wedding cake design, here you can find the best cake, using only the finest ingredients like real butter, real vanilla and much, much love.

How is your wedding cake look like? If you have no idea, which had recommended the look in our photo gallery. Here you can enjoy a sumptuous selection from which you can choose the right one for you.

Maybe you have specific requirements? A special design, a picture, a motto, a sculpture? The imagination knows no limits.

Traditional bakery and confectionery providers offering cakes with natural and homemade ingredients, as custom demands.

However with cakes with a sense of tradition that includes innovation we show you cakes to suit most requirements.