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Unusual Wedding Venues

Unusual UK wedding venues, for a unique wedding day.

Unusual Wedding Venues Over the past couple of decades weddings have become big business, you no longer have to be married in a church and more and more types of building are getting licences to have ceremonies held by registrars at their premises. From large country houses to marquees, Castles to Hotels, everyone is getting in on the act and there is plenty of need for new and unique venues for those of us who would like to get married somewhere a little different. We highlight and discuss some of the most unusual venues we have come across, maybe you will pick up a few ideas for your special day.

Unique Outdoor Weddings

We all know the drawbacks of an outdoor wedding in the UK, with the weather being so unpredictable it is next to impossible to choose a day which can guarantee good weather for your service, but if you feel comfortable taking the risk there are some beautiful and unique outdoor wedding venues right across the UK, here are some of our favourites.

The Treehouse, the Lodge, Scotland

Set in the backdrop of Lake Goil this 5 star retreat has amazing views and the ceremony takes place in a beautiful rustic treehouse, what could be more unique than that? It is a stunning wedding venue no doubt but with a maximum capacity of 24 this location only suits those looking for a more intimate occasion.

Tunnels Beach, Cornwall

This idyllic deserted beach in Cornwall is sumptuous splendid to the eye, it offers a private paved space with its own bandstand and showcases breath-taking views of the sea and cliffs, if you get the weather then this venue will give you a day you’ll never forget.

The Forest

If you are looking for a rustic back to nature feel for your wedding then consider a forest wedding, there are a number of forests who offer this service but check out the Wise wedding Venue in Kent, there are lit up walkways, a lake and treehouse surrounded by enchanted forest straight out of a fairy tale.

Talyllyn Railway Company

If you are a bit of a train enthusiast then this is the perfect wedding venue for you, say your I do`s and enjoy your wedding breakfast and reception while roaring through the beautiful Mid-Wales countryside on a stunning narrow-guage steam railway passing some spectacular scenery along the way.

Your Favourite Football Stadium

Imagine getting married on the hallowed turf of your team, a place where you have witnessed victories and defeats, somewhere that has a special place in your heart and where you have some great memories already. Your wedding could prove to be the best of them. There are a number of top football clubs who host weddings at their stadiums if you could only get your wife to be to agree.

The Races

Keeping with the sporting theme, if you like a bit of a flutter on the gee gee`s then consider having your nuptials at the races, there are a a number of courses who offer this service such as Bath, Newcastle Windsor and even Cheltenham.

Wherever you decide to hold you unusual wedding choose something that best suits you but also think about the logistics of holding your wedding there.