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Getting Married Abroad

Plan your perfect day in paradise, get help and information on getting married abroad

Getting Married Abroad

Maybe it’s down to the loosening of marriage regulations or it could be due to the waning popularity of religious wedding in this country, it could be down to the lowering costs of travel or just a mixture of the lot, whatever the reasons, getting married abroad has been growing in popularity and show no signs of slowing down.

Getting married in a foreign country quite simply offers so much you just can`t find in the UK although we will be the first to admit that our country hosts some truly stunning locations the weather can never be relied on and getting married abroad offers a huge sense of adventure.

One hugely common type of wedding destination is the beach wedding, imagine a sandy beach, gorgeous sun and blue sky, you and your beloved with close friends and family promising yourselves to each other, you can`t deny it`s a romantic image. It may be an old cliché but many Brits jet off to Las Vegas, Nevada for a showpiece wedding in the legendary gambling and partying mecca that is Las Vegas. There are wedding for every denomination available as well as every niche wedding style you can imagine from drive through weddings to taking your vows in front of celebrity impersonators with Elvis being perhaps the most iconic and recognized wedding style from the City of Lights.

If the Ocean is your thing then why not get married on a cruise ship or for the height of luxury, a wedding on the waves on a luxury yacht? Clearly this option is going to hit the budget hard but the day of your wedding is said to be the most important day of your life so you may deem the cost to be worth the experience of living like a pop start for a day.

A fairly new innovation where weddings are concerned is the safari wedding, you can tie the knot on Richard Branson`s private game reserve on the border of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. You can get married on a striking veranda with stunning views of the wildlife and plains of Africa, a truly magnificent wedding venue.

Perhaps the cold is more your thing, if that is the case then there are lots of options for you too, Iceland is perhaps the country most associated with stunning cold and ice scenes is a great place for a wedding abroad. This beautiful country has more to offer than just the northern lights, you can get married inside traditional Icelandic churches or amid the splendour of the Skóarfoss waterfalls then enjoy the famous blue lagoon spa afterwards. Another country famous for its cold and ice is Canada, where you can say your nuptials inside a striking ice chapel.

If you are looking to arrange your wedding abroad then why not get in touch with On Your Wedding Day today and help us put your plans into motion, we have contacts with wedding planners, service providers and entertainment organisers all over the world including some of the most stunning venues.

We have acess to many European Wedding locations including on the Balearic Island of Mallorca in Spain, If you are looking to hire a Weding Venue in Mallorca then contact our friends at who have a wide selection of Villas in Santa Ponsa to host your wedding. They have contacts throughout the island and can help arrange your wedding from start to finish or put you in touch the the relevant service rpoviders to give you the Spanish Villa wedding of your dreams

Wherever you decide to have your overseas wedding be sure to check out the company, the venue and double check all of the plans are in place, the last thing you want is to arrive to a poorly planned day. Do you research, be as involved as you can be make sure you are properly covered by insurance so you can have piece of mid to really go out and enjoy you marriage overseas.