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Wedding Insurance

Safe Guard Your Wedding Day with Insurance

Wedding Insurance Wedding insurance gives you security and peace of mind at a time where things can get stressful: while you are organising your wedding! By paying a relatively small cost in the grand scale of things, you can cover your expenses incurred and arrangements made in the process of planning your wedding. Insurance is there to guarantee these costs should the unthinkable happen and the wedding does not go ahead for whatever reason.

Unlike vehicle insurance, you are not obliged to purchase wedding insurance if you feel comfortable accepting the considerable risk yourself just as with holiday insurance, gadget insurance and most other types of insurance then that is down to your personal preference. But just like these aforementioned insurances, it is great to have as a backup should anything go wrong.

Wedding Insurance Offers Peace of Mind

There are many things that can go wrong when thinking of weddings that are totally out of your control, what if there is a problem at the venue, such as a fire, issues with the food, double booking, and what if the venue is sold or closed down all together? You can be let down by people, your vicar or registrar could come on unforeseen problems like illness, vehicle breakdown or diary issues. How about if the forces of nature intervene and block the route to your venue with snow, water or earth? We have all heard the horror stories of people being left at the altar, wedding insurance insures against the costs accrued should the wedding not take place for any of these reasons and more, yes it is an additional cost but offers a great deal of peace of mind as you are handing over large sums of money, perhaps the most money you have ever spent to various companies, venues or organisations.

Study Your Policy Carefully

Some items are covered on all wedding insurance policies but be sure to check exactly what is covered, some companies offer more on their standard cover where some are optional extras, items which sometimes count as extras can be theft of wedding gifts, wedding dress either through damage or closing down of the shop, wedding transportation against breakdown or theft, loss of wedding rings and problems with the photography.

Different policies from different companies can vary greatly, both in terms of cost and on exactly what is covered by the policies so it is worth checking the details of your policy carefully and depending on your venue perhaps adding specific coverage based on the location of your venue, it might be worth getting your wedding clothes insured as an extra if you are doing anything in a field or by the sea as the weather may mean they are damaged or even totally ruined. Though wedding insurance is not a requirement for the wedding to go ahead it is hugely appreciated in the event that it does not.