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Latest in bridal fashion and wedding dresses

Your wedding dress is one of the most important elements of the day, here at on your wedding day we look at wedding dresses from top designers and give examples of some of the cutting edge styles of wedding fashion.

Wedding Dresses From Designer Michle Weiten

Even as a child fashion designer Michle Weiten created dresses for her mother. After studying fashion in 2005 she decided to start your own label Michle Weiten and turn her ideas`s and dreams into reality. In addition to the bridal collection, which is updated once a year, she also releases evening collection and two festive collections a year.

With her creations the designer Michle Weiten has won numerous international competitions. To ensure the high quality fit and finish, the distribution of the collections carried out exclusively via its own studio. By satisfied customers and an intensive marketing campaign, the label has increasing awareness and growing successes. Her tailor-made dresses enjoy popularity throughout Germany and increasingly reach customers abroad.

Michle Weiten - The Secret
Design and creation are exclusively handmade and with much attention to detail designed in the studio in Kaisersesch near Koblenz. High-quality materials are hand-picked and imported from France and Italy - every detail is examined very closely. In her studio there are dress designs made of precious silk, fine lace and soft nappa leather. The fusion of perfect customized fit and individual design is the key to success of Michle Weiten. The Spirit of the wedding dress designs are timeless, but always with a modern interpretation.

Mona Berg – Wedding Dresses

"The secret of a beautiful dress is in perfect cut."

Mona Berg completed her training in 2006, with its inclusion in the gifted program rewarded the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce: where she received a scholarship, at the Academy of Fashion and Design, AMD, in Hamburg.

After many experiences in the retail sector of bridal and evening wear on the Neuer Wall in Hamburg, she founded her own studio in which they now put their experiences and "bring in to the woman".

Felicita Design

Wedding Dresses From a New Perspective – Girlish and playful while promoting self-confidence, and elegance. Modern, yet inspired by the charm of the past, simple yet extravagant and luxurious. The wedding dresses of Felicita design come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, to suit most brides. Every dress has its own style and character making them unique and unmistakable, beauty is not superficial, but creates a deep feeling of passion. The team of Felicita are very keen that the dress shows there personality and charisma, creating the mafic for your big day.

Jenny Packham Wedding and Festival Designer

Jenny Packham is the real star on the red carpet in the world, because for many celebrities - from Angelina Jolie Cameron Diaz, Rhianna or Beyonce to Jennifer Aniston - their clothes are the first choice when it comes to the camera flashes to shine. Jenny Packham bridal wear has already received many international awards.

Elegant dresses in vintage style - The Jenny Packham collection is inspired by film divas of golden cinema age. Icons such as Vivien Leigh and Bette Davis would certainly have fallen in love with the romantic style of the dresses, giving feminine and glamorous styles. Delicate flowers and sparkling crystals, silk chiffon, elaborately draped satin and exquisite French lace in delicate ivory, champagne and platinum tones. The result: gorgeous elegant wedding dresses in vintage style.

Soeur Coeur = Bridal Wear

Since March 2015, Soeur Coeur has been based in an idyllic location near Cologne, just outside the town of Castle Bensberg.

The Soeur Coeur fashion label came through the search of the designer desperately looking for a dress that mathches their own fashion style. Some clothes were too pompous, others to conventional, so they designed it themselves, from this, the idea has arisen to set up their own fashion label with very special wedding dresses.

Soeur Coeur clothes are supposed to express the joy and ease, a style that is inspired by the vintage look - with delicate lace, flowing fabrics and attention to detail. Our brides will feel completely comfortable in the clothes and dresses designed by Soeur Coeur.

Royale Wedding Dresses - Kate.

Do you remember the royal wedding of Kate and Will, there was so much excitement and everyone was wandering what Kate`s wedding dress would look like. As Kate walked down the aisle in Westminster Abbey, almost in slow motion. Everyone`s breath was taken by the beauty of Kate In her dress by designer Sarah Burton, silk tulle ivory and white, with chantilly lace application and silk tulle veil, crowned by the tiara on loan from the Queen - and a train nearly three feet long!