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Wedding Flower Arrangements - Walsall

Expereinced florists specialising in wedding flower arrangements

Wedding Flower Arrangements Flowers have been an essential part of a wedding since ancient times.  They were used as a symbol of life and fertility, different flowers had different meanings and were believed to bring good health, long life and warn off evil spirits. Today flowers are usually chosen to match the colour scheme, theme and significance in the relationship. Roses have long been a symbol of love and romance are still the most popular wedding flower used today.

Wedding flowers are one of the most traditional and beautiful accessories you’ll choose for your day, there is a wonderful array of flowers, blooms, foliages and sprigs to choose from.  Even if you have a tight budget to stick to, there’s no reason why your bouquet can’t still look amazing.

There are several aspects to think about when deciding on your flowers not only for the bride but also for the bridesmaids and bridal party. Button holes are traditionally worn by the bridal party and usually the groomsmen. You may also decide to have flowers at the church, in ceremony room, reception venue and anywhere really that you might want to incorporate into the day. Many brides also choose to have bouquets made as gifts for Mother-of the-bride, family and friends.

Depending on what time of year you book your wedding will also determine what flowers you may be able to have. As flowers are seasonal some flowers are not always available or are not as easy to obtain. Also the time of year may help you make decisions on what style you want to go for. Many brides for example who have a winter wedding choose flowers often associated with Christmas like holly, amaryllis and red roses.

There are several shapes that a bride can choose for her bouquet these are some of the most popular.

Nosegay - A cluster of flowers wrapped tightly together and cut to one uniform length

Posy- A small, round bouquet tied with ribbons this is a very popular and classic choice

Hand tied- Simple, dense bunch of flowers loosely tied together this is a traditional style

Cascade- A tear drop effect of blooms cascading downward and tied in a holder or hand tied

Pageant- Similar to a cascade but smaller and compact and tied tightly together

Pomander- A ball shaped foam covered in flowers and held by ribbon

Flower arrangements for the reception venue are very popular in creating atmosphere and adding colour to the room. There are endless styles, designs and ideas. Even the most simple designs can make a dramatic different to an otherwise plain background.
We have partnered with a top wedding florist based in Walsall who can consult with you and offer a bespoke wedding package to suit both your needs and budget.