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Wedding Bands

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When you hear the phrase wedding bands people usually associate the term to mean wedding rings of all descriptions but originally a wedding band was worn by the groom and was a metal band with no ornamentation at all. The woman was usually offered a ring with a gemstone and decorations as a sign of his intention to marry, much like an engagement ring and then the man would get his band on the wedding day. Women eventually started to wear wedding bands and over the years they became more and more decorative and evolved into the modern day wedding rings we see adorning the fingers of today’s brides.

Decorative Wedding Bands

Even men’s wedding bands are becoming increasingly more decorative with some grooms deciding to include engravings that might include the date of the wedding or the name of the couple getting married, some men decide to decorate their wedding bands with Jewells, precious stones or multiple metals to give and aesthetic effect. Many couples now decide to match their wedding bands by having a similar style or matching the gemstones used, jewellery in general is becoming more bespoke with modern methods allowing for ever more impressive pieces.

Wedding Bands Materials

Wedding bands are traditionally made from gold but fashions change and many modern wedding bands are now made from lots of different metals such as white or rose gold, platinum titanium or palladium amongst others. A traditional bride’s wedding band might include precious stones such a diamonds but many other gemstones are popular such as rubies, emeralds or topaz, the possible creations are endless and you can have a totally bespoke wedding band created by an expert wedding jeweller.

Bespoke Wedding Bands

If you are looking for something a little special for your wedding band then why not speak to an expert jeweller in your local area and have something totally bespoke and personal created to your exact specifications? Check out our directory section to find recommended jewellers near you who can craft the wedding band you’ve always dreamed of.

Wedding Musical Bands

Jewellery is not the only kind of band you may want to have at your wedding, one popular form of entertainment at a wedding reception is a wedding band. There’s nothing like a band to get your guest on the dance floor throwing shapes, whether you go for a tribute act or one of your favourite local bands live music is a great way to entertain your guests.

Wedding Bands Directory

If you are a jeweller or even if you are a band or musician and you have a long list of happy clientele then why not list your business on our wedding directory? Simply fill in our directory form and when your listing has been accepted we will send you a link to your new listing, we will also keep you up to date with news on how many people have viewed your listing along with any interactions.