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Honeymoon Destinations

Find the perfect honeymoon destinations

After months of preparation, all the excitement and hopefully a fantastic wedding party with friends and family you have earned yourself a break with your partner. Enjoy your honeymoon in the most beautiful dream destinations in the world.

Dreamlike honeymoon Destination

Here at on your wedding day we show you some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world and offer you a wide selection of handpicked and excellent honeymoon hotels.

The most popular honeymoon destinations in the world

We bring you the most popular honeymoon destinations around the world - to the snow-white beaches of the Maldives or Mauritius, to romantic honeymoon days in the most beautiful regions of Europe, to the paradise honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean, to the eternal beauty China and Thailand, to adventurous honeymoons to pulsating cities in the US and the marvels of Arabia. For each honeymoon destination, we recommend you carefully selected honeymoon hotels Top current offerings. So the honeymoon is guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Honeymoon Indian Ocean

Maldives, Mauritius, Bali, Seychelles are some of the names of the dream destinations that offer the great expectations for your perfect honeymoon. Get to know this popular honeymoon destinations in the Indian Ocean, with miles of snow-white palm-fringed beaches, crystal clear waters and beautiful sunshine - could not be more dreamlike honeymoon destinations!

Honeymoon in the Caribbean and Bermuda

Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and many more dreamlike honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean invite you to a wonderful honeymoon. With fabulously soft sandy beaches, almost guaranteed sunshine, warm temperatures consistently, right outside the door the crystal clear sea with its treasures and of course wonderful resorts for a honeymoon destination.

Honeymoon in Europe

Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Croatia provide wonderful destinations for your honeymoon in Europe. Without the stress of a long-distance trip, we show you the highlights and picked by hand honeymoon hotels.

Honeymoon in Africa and Arabia

Africa and Arabia offer honeymoon travelers extraordinary moments. Whether on a safari in the national parks of South Africa or Kenya, in discovering ancient cultures in Egypt, among the skyscrapers in the new megacities Dubai and Abu Dhabi or simply restful days on the beaches of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean - Africa and Arabia are you enchant Honeymooners!

Honeymoon in the USA and Canada

Popular locations in the USA and Canada include Hawaii, Florida or in the California sun to recovery wishes come true for your honeymoon. Destinations like New York and the cities of eastern Canada pulling Sightseeing like magic with much to see and do on the continent between the Pacific and Atlantic The magic formula for this is a mix of relaxing beach days, exciting world cities, adventure holidays, cultural highlights and stunning natural phenomena.

Honeymoon in Asia

Exotic honeymoon locations in Asia, China, Vietnam, Indonesia or Thailand will make your honeymoon extra special. Here, the continent is able to fulfill all your wishes, have the newly wed couples in their honeymoons: recreation and beach holiday on stunning beaches in Thailand or Indonesia, exciting expeditions in tropical forests and impressive mountains or city trips to the living megacities China - Asia can meet all expectations

Honeymoon in the South Pacific

Who has not dreamed once of the honeymoon destinations of the Pacific, from the idyllic beauty of the Fiji Islands and the exotic sounding Bora Bora. Newly married couples here fulfill the longing for a honeymoon paradise between snow-white beaches, glorious sun and turquoise lagoons - amid the immensity of the Pacific far away from stress and everyday worries. We show you this top-rated honeymoon hotels that come true every dream of a honeymoon and still use an icing on top.

Spain Honeymoon Destination - Spain is one of the most popular destinations and offers honeymoon couples exclusive hotels, a lot of sun, a quick arrival and thus a great relaxation effect. Spain shines with cultural highlights, a tasty cuisine and the hospitality of the locals.Why not spend your honeymoon in the lap of luxury with A Spanish Villa honeymoon, spend quality time alone with your new partner basking in the meditteranean sun with your own private swimming pool and all the luxury trappings of a luxury self catering accomodation. Our friends at are offering some of their beautiful Villas in Santa Ponsa on the stunning Balearic Island of Mallorca for use for weddings and private functions, visit their site and take advantage of their great prices and beautiful locations today.

Honeymoon Cruise

When Cruise Honeymoon located honeymooners do not have days to consider where the dream comes true, a cruise can bring you wedded bliss with diverse cruise itineraries to the most beautiful honeymoon destinations and show them so many paradises that they take a thousand new favorite places to take home: Dreamlike Island beauties waiting in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean with beautiful beaches, while the feeling of freedom for honeymooners for transatlantic cruises and along the unspoilt nature of North America. Are cultural highlights, majestic temples and vibrant cities provide an attractive competition on the coasts of Asia and the Mediterranean - there is much to see and more to come! The Maldives
In the Maldives you will find together your island luck on the Seychelles you encounter a romantic sunset on the beach, treat yourself to a taste of paradise in a luxury resort.

Many resorts and tour operators offer an extra honeymoon packages and honeymoon ideas for newly married couples to: time, you can save up to 50% off the trip prices, sometimes you can find a villa or a bungalow on the beach at a preferential price.

Honeymoon Specials

For many couples their honeymoon is the most beautiful vacation of your life.

The most beautiful journey in life is the honeymoon! With some of the most fantastic destinations in the world to choice from with lots of sun and sea, with privacy and of course with a lot of luxury. Alternatively you may rather an exciting trip full of adventure? In our Top 10 honeymoon destinations, there are elegant love nests in the Seychelles, glitter-glamor suites in the "Sin City" Las Vegas, or even adventure suitable Mayan temple in Mexico. Let us inspire you!

1 . Madeira
In the garden of Portugal you can give your loved ones give not only a flower, but also conjure up a smile on her face. Take a stroll in the colorful park or even a sporting and active honeymoon with mountain bike or hiking tours, rounds of golf and yacht tours are waiting here

2. Bali
Let yourself to Bali in the colorful world of Buddhism kidnap with its magnificent temples and stroll hand in hand on the quiet beaches the red glare of sunset counter.

3. Greece
Rhodes and Santorini are just a short distance away and offer for honeymooners on a budget romantic sleepy fishing villages and quiet bays.

4. Hawaii
How about a surfing lesson for two at the most famous beach in the world? The Waikiki Beach on Oahu makes it possible! Or would you prefer a hot trip to lavaspeienden volcanoes?

5. Las Vegas
Playful Heart ladies and kings dive into the honeymoon in the glamorous world of Las Vegas, where one converts from casino to casino and experienced magic show moments.

6. Mauritius
Blue sea entice romantics from all over the world to Mauritius. Then you can indulge in exclusive spa temples that have opened their doors to the snow-white beaches.

7. Thailand
In the Land of Smiles newly married couples on Kho Lanta expect deserted beaches that are too far perfect for undisturbed hours and budget hotels also easy on the budget.

8. Mexico Unforgettable is certainly hardly a honeymoon destination: mystical Maya sites in the wild jungle, fairytale idyll of white sand beaches and plenty of luxurious hotels

9. Seychelles Elegant honeymoon at picture-perfect beaches, entertaining hours at the casino and unsurpassed service, including private butler experience honeymooners in the expensive refuges in the Seychelles.

10. Maldives
A honeymoon in the Maldives that on a dive to the second one forgets the world around him. And many islands are so small that you think you would be on a private island.

Looking for a specially tailored to your Honeymoon Package? Our service team of trained travel merchants nearest you. Together we create a perfect and unforgettable honeymoon for you! Contact us!