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Funny Marriage Quotes

Bring a smile to the bride, groom and guests.

Funny Quotes about marriage, find wedding poems, quotes and jokes at on your wedding day

People dont want boring sayings on the invitation card. If you have a fun character inject some humour and comedy into your big day. Funny marriage quotes are also ideal for the bachelor party or as little advice for gift of money stored on the card, a witty quote makes everyone smile.

You have the text, but the card is still missing? Find great invitations, place cards and thank you cards for wedding

funny marriage advice quotes Does your wife make good choices?
Just remember you are one of your wife`s choices before you answer this question.

Never laugh at your wife`s decisions

You are one of them!

marriage advice quotes funny Marriage the Gamble
Betting someone half your stuff that you will love them forever.

A bit synical this one but remember many of us do infact win the bet.

funny marriage quotes for newlywes

The longest sentence you can form with two words, I DO. Are you ready for a life of marriage

Hopefully your sentence will be a long one, with much joy along the path.

funny quotes on marriage Marriage - Sleeping With The Enemy
When all is not well in the marriage relationship, please people no poisoning the coffee!

If you ever find yourself having this conversation, it may be worth considering a divorce

funny quotes about marriage

The worlds smallest handcuffs
Wedding rings, the symbol of being joint together forever.

After all handcuffs are a great way to spice up your life.

marriage quotes funny My husband thinks i`m crazy, hes the one that married me
Married to a crazy women, ask yourself what that says about your own mentality.

funny marriage quote The International Symbol For Marriage
Marriage is universally recognised as the day that the man money goes straight into the wife`s account, thus the international symbol of marriage.