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Celebrity Weddings

Keep an eye on the ltest celebrtiy wedding celebrations.

The explosion of the world of celebrity has coincided with the boom of the wedding business, the average cost of a UK wedding has spiralled to and estimated figure of over £20000 and magazines, television the internet and social media are constantly reporting about celebrity weddings as an easy way of filling their pages. Whether its Posh and Becks, William and Kate or Katie and Peter, we are all obsessed with the latest celebrity wedding whether we like it or not.

Celebrity weddings are known for their extravagance and the total costs must be out of this world and the guest lists are as star studded as the Royal Variety Show, they have world famous stars for their wedding entertainment and the whole bash is beyond the reach of 99% of the population, perhaps it is this which makes celebrity weddings pique the interest of the general public like it does.

Your own Celebrity Wedding

You may not be able to afford the full celebrity wedding day but there are plenty of ways you can add a celebrity feel to your big day without breaking the bank.

Many Celebrity couples decide to get married in a beautiful mediaeval castle, full of pomp and extravagance, a style particularly coveted by the Hollywood celebrities, in the UK we have a huge selection of castles, complete or in various stages of ruin where you are permitted to hold your civil ceremony and many are available and at a very reasonable price and some even do entire venue hire allowing you to decorate how you wish, provide and food you wish and basically organise the entire venue and day plan itself. This may involve more work but it allows you to bring that celebrity feel in your own image and at a fraction of a cost that a standard wedding venue would charge.

Just because you aren`t a celebrity doesn`t mean you can`t arrive in style, many celebrity wedding have horse and carriages, top of the range cars or limousines to get the various wedding party members to the venue and there is nothing to say you can`t use the same method to arrive at your venue. Perhaps you have a relative who owns a posh car, you could ask them to drive you as a wedding gift! Even if you don`t have this option then specialist vehicles cane be hired out for the day, you may be able to afford this little luxury by making savings elsewhere by asking family members to use their skills as a gift. You may have people close to you who are florists, cake makers or DJ`s who would be willing to help you afford the celebrity wedding you are dreaming of.

Celebrity Weddings Suppliers

If you are a supplier of specialist wedding services, you have a proven track record of supplying excellent wedding service to your customers and you can offer a speciality celebrity wedding service then you may want to list your business in our wedding directory. We match our customers to the best wedding suppliers in their local areas, there are people searching for businesses like yours every day so apply for a listing today. Once your listing is accepted we will send you a link to your listing and keep you informed of any interactions from our site